Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Japanese Railway Bridge Bunkers?

I am posting some pictures of dilapidated guard house bunkers on both ends of two bridges in Harbin, China and one bridge in Jiamusi, China. The bridge that I am showing in Harbin is east of the Russian train bridge build in 1900, but it too has some bunkers. The bridge I am showing was probably build in the 1930s by the Chinese and or Japanese. I just wanted to record these structures before they are eventually destroyed. The original bridge in Jiamusi has been destroyed but the bunkers remain. Also, near the 1930s bridge in Harbin is what some have told me is a Japanese prision. It certainly looks like one with guard towers at each corner and old fashion barbwire around the walls. Any information would be appreciated as this structure may soon be razed to make way for more highways around the Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology.
Photos: first 3 photos show a Jiamusi railway bridge bunker, next is so called prison near HIST, and last is Harbin 1930s bridge bunker. The additional photos are of the same structures.

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